About Us

David and Sue MacRae planted their first macadamia trees over 35 years ago and, even before their original plantation produced its first crop, their nursery was producing seedlings for other growers.

Such was their passion for this unique Australian nut, the macadamia.


Their unwavering commitment to grow and produce a top quality product has expanded their business from modest beginnings to one of the largest privately owned macadamia plantations and processors in the world.

David & Sue’s original plantation at Brooklet is now their international head office. Situated on deep rich volcanic soil and nestled in the hinterland just minutes from the world renowned beaches of Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales, this beautiful area, known as the Northern Rivers Region, enjoys a subtropical climate and is picture perfect, with winding country roads and rolling hillsides landscaped with macadamia plantations.Pacific Farms Head Office Brooklet


The plantations in the Northern Rivers Region and South East Queensland have been the major source of commercially farmed macadamia nuts in Australia for our developing industry. Extensive plantations in Queensland will support the continued growth and world supply of Australian macadamia nuts.

Australian macadamias currently make up approximately 30% of the world’s supply of macadamia nuts.

Pacific Farms is committed to the continued development of the macadamia nut industry and the supply of the freshest, premium quality macadamia kernel to our customers worldwide. The 2 main arms of the business are:

Pacific Farm Services – provides the following services to macadamia nut growers;

    • on farm storage
    • transport
    • de-husking
    • drying and sorting

Pacific Farms Marketing – handles bulk macadamia nut sales to wholesale customers.

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