On Farm Storage, Transport & Dehusking

  • Do you have all weather access for our drop off and pick up services?
  • Do you have a suitable area for a skip bin to be delivered?

All we need is access to a flat piece of ground, and we can deliver/pick up the storage vessel at a time convenient to you. We are able to provide the following storage solutions;-

Vessel  Capacity
Skip Bin  12 tonne
Field Bins*  400kg




*Field bins available at processing plant only

Pacific Farm Services have 4 dehusking lines:

Line 1: Eureka
Line 2: Eureka
Line 3: Brooklet
Line 4: Brooklet




Nut in husk (NIH) or nut in partial husk (NIPH) (which has been dehusked in the field) is loaded into vessels, transported to one of our receival depots and dehusked for you. Vessels delivered to our Eureka receival depot are weighed on a certified weigh bridge. The truck and vessel tare off after they are emptied and weights for your nut in full or partial husk (NIH or NIPH) are available.

It is because of these very productive systems that we are able to offer extremely low cost dehusking rates to our suppliers for NIH. The rate can be reduced even further for NIPH, making this option very attractive.

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