Sorting and Drying

30 years experience has allowed Pacific Farm Services to develop state-of-the-art facilities ensuring your harvest is dried and sorted at the optimum time, reducing the risk of mould and contaminants. We have an open laboratory policy, so you are welcome to watch your kernel being tested so that you can be sure we are meeting your individual quality standards.

We have developed a unique drying system based on a process of unleashing the heat energy of the macadamia shell to reduce the moisture content using low temperatures to produce a fresher nut with superior shelf life. 

When the moisture content of the nut in shell (NIS) is suitably reduced for processing, the NIS can then be transferred to containers, ready for shipping to our processing facility.

All NIS is processed through our ISO, HACCP and Kosher certified factory to our customers stringent specifications. It is cracked, processed and packed, ready to be shipped to a range of multi-national food companies worldwide.

Quality certifications can be downloaded here.