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macadamias are a 60,000 yr old nutritional source

Australia’s wild, native nut.
Macadamia may be a wild native, but we don’t just plant the seedlings and leave them to grow.
Our cultivation methods and standards are strict, revisited and refined over the years.
From seed to harvested nut the local rainforest is constantly regenerated to provide a healthy ecosystem so some of our most important workers, our native bees, help make our orchards flourish.
It was the Aborigines who first realised the value of the Macadamia nut. Finding rocks with declivities that would hold the one without it rolling away they’d put a flat rock on top, then tap it with a ‘hammer’ rock to crack the nut without pulverising it.
Nuts were harvested not only as a food source: but more, Australia’s original inhabitants realised its soothing and moisturising properties as ‘vanishing oil’, one that penetrates the dermal layer of the skin.
Thus the use of Macadamia oil by massage therapists, and the world’s leading cosmetic companies.