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Kernel Sales

Pacific Farms Marketing provide bulk kernel sales of premium quality raw nuts in a variety of styles; dry roasted and honey roasted in peak freshness to customers anywhere in the world. Specifications for most common styles can be found on page 1 and 2. We also supply diced kernel to customer needs.
We have commercial kernel available although volume is  limited (after we also supply diced kernel to customer needs).
Contact us to discuss your requirements Australia + 61 2 6687 1472.

Pacific Farms Marketing Kernel Style Guide Page 1

Style 0 – Super Premium Whole Kernels
Super Premium Wholes are the King of macadamias. Sometimes called ‘super mac’ for their exceptionally large kernels, they range from 20mm up. This style comprises no less than 95% large whole (+20mm) kernel, carefully screened to ensure consistency of colour, texture and size.
Download the spec sheet

Style 1 – Premium Whole Kernels
For versatility and value for money premium wholes are the most popular macadamia shape and size. A minimum 95% whole kernel with a size range from 16mm to 20mm.
Download the spec sheet

Style 2 – Premium Wholes and Halves
Premium wholes and halves is a 50/50 mixture of whole kernel and large halves ranging in size from 11mm upwards but can be tailored to suit.
This is one of the most versatile ranges, with a variety of commercial applications.
Download the spec sheet

Style 3 – Mix
Premium cocktail mix is a style that fits between the table nuts and those used only as ingredients. Comprises almost all half-kernels or larger, with an average size larger than 15mm.
Download the spec sheet

Style 4L – Premium Large Halves
Premium large halves are the perfect sizing for retail snack packs. Size greater than 13mm.
Download the spec sheet

Style 4S – Premium Small Halves and Pieces
Premium macadamia small halves and pieces. Style 4S are typically between 11mm and 13mm to provide kernel for those occasions when Style 4s are too large.
Download the spec sheet